3 Quick Tips to Make Any Event a Success!

After catering hundreds of events, I've learned a thing or two about some things that can either make or break any event. Often times, many people will make the same mistakes despite how much money was spent on the venue, decor, top-shelf liquor, floral arrangements, or the myriad of other details that will surely render plenty of ooohhhs and aaaahhhs as your guests walk through the door.

However, if I've seen it once, I've seen it a thousand times. No matter how dazzling the venue is and how great the music may have been, your guests will ultimately judge the event on the food and service. Don't be coy, we all know it's true. We've all been to that party where you expected there to be food, ...

Something Savory and Something Sweet

You have requested it time after time and now it's finally done - our new Italian Buffet Menu is finally complete! We don't know what took us so long to post this menu, but no more noodling around for us! Once again, we've taken all of your feedback into account and put together some great packages that would be perfect for any event. Although our action stations are a lot of fun and always get rave reviews, sometimes time constraints, venue limitations, or simply personal preferences make a traditional buffet a better option. We offer a great variety of menu options to choose from, so we have no doubt that you'll find all of your favorite Italian dishes on it!

And what could be better than a...

Our Story

Some of you may be wondering what's the story behind Mr. Pasta Catering. Let me begin by introducing myself. My name is Karina Rizzo and I've been the Owner and Executive Chef at Mr. Pasta Catering since 2012. For those who might be curious, I've shared a little about my personal background in the About page on this site. This company was established in 2008 and quickly became a hit in Miami under its previous ownership. The novelty of having a great Italian meal prepared right on site was definitely a concept this city was craving!

The original owner, Carlos, did a great job of getting Mr. Pasta on the map and building an excellent reputation for us, but he eventually decided to pursue anot...

New Year, Fresh Beginnings!

As we try to figure out how to put all of our New Year’s resolutions into action, we hope that all of you enjoyed your holidays and that the new year has gotten off to a great start! Starting a new year is like hitting an imaginary ‘reset’ button where we get to wipe the slate clean and start fresh with new goals and ideas. This year, Mr. Pasta Catering took the desire for a fresh start seriously and we have made several changes in the hopes that we’ll be able to better serve you and expand our services throughout this year.

With all that being said, you’re probably wondering what’s new! For starters, our website has received quite a makeover! If you haven...